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Tarragon Tea - The Many Uses of Tarragon

Tarragon is an herb that is widely used in cooking. Even if you’ve never tried tarragon tea, you have probably experienced the unique licorice-like flavor of this plant. Tarragon has smooth, thin leaves and typically grows in dry, sunny regions. If you enjoy the flavor of tarragon, you can grow this plant in a sunny window and have a fresh supply of the leaves at the ready any time your cooking needs a little more flavor. Tarragon is used to season a variety of sauces and other dishes. Tarragon may also be soaked in vinegar to create a uniquely flavored salad dressing.

Though tarragon is best known for its uses in cooking, it can also be used to make a delicious tarragon tea with many beneficial properties. If you have fresh tarragon on hand, you can make this tea very easily yourself. Pour 8 to 10 ounces of boiling water over about a tablespoon of fresh tarragon. Let the tea steep for five to ten minutes before drinking. To get the most potent tea possible, you should always use fresh tarragon. Dried tarragon, while appropriate for cooking, looses many of the beneficial properties that are available when the leaves of the plant are fresh.

Tarragon tea has long been used for its calming properties. The French traditionally use this tea to treat insomnia. It may also be used as a natural treatment option for attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and other learning disabilities that make it difficult for the student to focus. Children may also benefit from tarragon tea because this drink is known to kill parasites such as intestinal worms. Drinking two cups of tarragon tea every morning is thought to be an effective method for treating and preventing worms in children. Talk to your doctor as well if you believe that your child may be suffering from intestinal parasites.

For adults, tarragon tea can be taken daily for its many beneficial properties as well. It is generally recommended that adults consume between one and four cups of tarragon tea each day. Regularly drinking this tea can help to improve your digestion. Tarragon tea may also be used as an accompaniment to a short detox diet, as it will help to cleanse the body of toxins. Drinking tarragon tea regularly will help you to maintain a calm demeanor and even mood. If you suffer from depression, mood swings, or insomnia, tarragon tea may help to treat these problems for you.

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